I submitted my original song, “Daddy Ran Away” a couple days ago to yobi.tv a weekly talent contest. I went to bed after submitting it, seeing that I wasn’t even in the Top 100 videos. Then…magically, when I awoke…I checked and I had made it in to the Top 10! WOW!

Now there are only about 15 hours left to vote…but I would VERY MUCH appreciate it if you haven’t already, to click on this link:


And vote for me! I have a chance at winning 50% of the prize fund – which is now at $22,000! (the other 50% is broken down to runners-up and semi-finalists, so if I win this week I will be a semi-finalist and guaranteed to win something!)

Oh…and by the way, thanks to all who still read this blog. Even though I am posting over at cassidyrobinson.com now! 🙂

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P.S. If you link to my blog, I’d recommend that you change the link to www.cassidyrobinson.com. I will be blogging there from now on. Thank you WordPress, it’s been a good time. But all good things must come to an end. Okay, really, I just needed to change my last name on my url (because I got married!) and decided to create a (free!) website in the meantime. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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I have developed a fascination for YouTube.

Okay, so maybe I am behind a few years. But, I really love it. It has been fun typing in the words “original music” or “unsigned artists” and discovering tons of really cool new songs by ordinary people. You should try it sometime. 🙂

Now, today’s YouTube Cover of the Week is actually – not a cover. It is an original song by a 20 yr old girl named ReinaDelCid, called “Come Back Over.” I found it pretty catchy and thought, hey…I should share that with my blog friends. So here ya go. As always, you be the judge. 🙂

p.s. I have been inspired lately to begin adding my own original songs. So, feel free to check out my youtube channel. And don’t laugh at me too much. 🙂

So, I got a new phone yesterday! It’s only the third phone I’ve had my entire lifetime. Crazy, I know. I am really grateful. My old phone’s battery was shot – it would die after an hour. And it worked out that we were due for an upgrade with Alltel, so I picked out this beast of a phone! Moto Q 9c.


So far it’s been great. Not the longest battery life – but I guess that’s the case with any Smartphone.

Now, some might remember this post from awhile back. This question never got answered, just wondering if anyone had any thoughts now?

I have a question, maybe someone out there can answer for me. The sermon at church yesterday was about facing giants in our lives…based on the story of “David and Goliath” in 1 Samuel 17. Well, as I was reading 1 Samuel 19 (I tend to get sidetracked sometimes during a sermon and I’ll read ahead of whatever the preacher is speaking on…whoops) I came across verse 9:

“Then a harmful spirit from the Lord came upon Saul, as he sat in his house with his spear in his hand…”

Can anyone explain to me why an “evil, harmful” spirit came from the Lord? It’s definitely an interesting concept. Any ideas?

I am going to go ahead and warn you that this post might get a little long. That being said, I do hope that you will read it and post your comments below! I would love to hear your opinions on this growing controversy.

As most of you know, I just recently got married on June 14, 2008! What a wonderful 5 months (this Saturday) it has been! I am so blessed to be married to Josh Robinson – my best friend, my spiritual encourager, my lov-ah. 😉 That being said, I will be honest and say that I have gotten quite a few awkward comments when people hear that I am married and – gasp! – only 21 years old. Mostly from those that are quite a few years older…and still single.

I just finished reading an article discussing what the “ideal” age for first time (and hopefully last time) marriages might be. The article stated that the age of first-time marriages have changed drastically over the past decades. They took a poll and found that people do have strong opinions about it, and those beliefs are clearly changing.

“In a 1946 Gallup Poll, most found the ideal age to be 25 for men and 21 for women. Sixty years later, in a Gallup telephone poll of about 500 adults, the ideal age had increased to 25 for women and 27 for men. They discussed a few positives and negatives about marrying sooner vs later in life.”

Listed below are some of the arguments taken from the article on the positives and negatives of marrying sooner (mid-20s and earlier) or later (late-20s and older).

Sooner positives:

  • A study drafted by sociologist Norval Glenn finds that those who marry in the early to mid-20s are slightly happier and less likely to break up than those who marry in the later 20s.
  • A study showed that those who marry in the early to mid-20s are significantly more satisfied with their relationships than those who marry at 30 or older.
  • Those who advocate marriage in the early to mid-20s say that’s the age when the pool of possible mates is larger, it’s when couples can “grow up” together and it’s prime for childbearing.


  • Those who marry before age 20 are two to three times more likely to divorce.
  • Some believe that a year or two after college is the time to learn about yourself personally, as well as in the working environment, and this is needed before getting married.
  • A survey was give to 788, 18-25 year old university students – and 60% of men and 67% of women said that they were NOT ready to be married.


  • Those who favor the late 20s or early 30s, say that maturity makes for happier unions and greater economic security — both of which make divorce less likely.
  • Research by sociologist Paul Amato, found that older marriages (30s vs. 20s) were more cohesive in the sense they did things more often together as a couple and couples who married at older ages were less likely to report thinking about divorce or that their marriage was in trouble.
  • One opinion was that, “You get to experience life and know yourself better, and hopefully choose someone more compatible once you become your own person as an adult.”
  • People are more concerned with their own self-development than they used to be,” Cherlin says. “People are postponing marriage until everything in their lives is working in order. The order means after you’ve finished your education, perhaps after beginning your career, and increasingly after you’ve lived with your partner. They’re postponing marriage until they think they’re ready for it.”
  • Researchers say divorce rates are down for the better-educated. Those with college degrees marry later, have better jobs and more income.


  • Marriage used to be the first step into adulthood, but now it is often the last, which Cherlin says has some implications: A lower proportion of today’s young adults will ever marry (though most still will), and they likely will have fewer children.
  • Research says women should start having children no later than age 30 and be done by 35, when statistics show fertility declines.
  • Van Epp urges parents to change the “wait-to-marry” message. He’s particularly worried that medical advances in treating infertility are giving couples the wrong idea. “It gives people confidence — almost invincibility — that we can delay these things and science will rescue us,” he says.

As you can probably tell, the results from this article are a bit lopsidded. But, are they on to something? Is waiting until you have a degree and are settled in to your career a better equation for marriage? Or is growing up together and childbearing a good reason to get married young? Is there a biblical definiton of when to get married?

What are your thoughts?

Okay. Nearly 12 hours left until we find out who will be the President of the United States for the next four years. Either way, history will be made.

My final thoughts? Here goes.

To my brothers and sisters in Christ who are choosing to support Obama,

Unlike you, I STILL care passionately about abortion and feel the need to support the pro-life candidate. Are you not aware that presently, we are ONE Supreme Court justice away from Roe vs Wade being overturned?!

Despite what some may think, George W. Bush did a great job in his stance on being pro-life. He appointed two pro-life justices. That is about all he could do for the issue, as president. Right now, pro-lifers should be pushing harder than ever for a pro-life candidate because this issue is coming to a close! The two eldest justices are both pro-choice and will be replaced by the next presidential candidate. Is Obama honestly the man you want making this decision? He supported even the cruelest act of abortion…INFANTICIDE.

Friends, you can’t make Obama the candidate you want him to be, you have to look at the person he is. The kind of character he has. Obama sat under the preaching of the racist, radical Rev. Wright for 20 years and has chosen to associate himself with extreme liberals and even the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers! Why does this not matter to you?

In response to the issues of Obama being the candidate who will care for the poor, the widowed, the orphaned, and the least of these. Who, may I ask, is commanded to care for these people? Is it the government? The President? Personally, perhaps, if he is a follower of Christ. But this is commanded to the individual believer. Not a law mandated by the government. And how do you suppose Obama will care for the poor? By re-distributing the wealth?! So that those who make more (which, Obama has yet to define what MORE exactly is) are taxed higher so that the poor can live off their wealth? That is not biblical. The Bible teaches us to GIVE to the poor and those who are in need…get this…out of our own conviction and hearts. It’s not a punishment to the rich…they are blessed for their giving. But when the government decides to take it from them…that is stealing. People work hard for their money, as I’m sure you are aware.

Again, how is Obama helping the widowed? The orphaned? He sure hasn’t helped his own family!

I can tell you how McCain has helped those. In 1991, Cindy McCain brought an abandoned three-month old girl needing medical treatment to the U.S. from a Bangladeshi orphanage run by Mother Teresa. The McCains decided to adopt her, and named her Bridget.

McCain, as a person, has supported and protected this country his entire life. And I REFUSE to turn my back on a man who was been beaten and had his arms and legs broken for this country.

I’m sure Obama is a nice person, but his values and choices and actions have proved that he cares more about himself and promoting his own agenda than the American people.

In fact, he said himself that it wasn’t until after his win in Iowa that he really began to have hope in this country again. While McCain has said, “I never needed people’s votes to affirm my love and appreciation for this great nation.”

What kind of leader do you want? A man who thinks HE’S the answer to all of the nation’s problems? Or a man who still believes that this nation is a blessed and productive nation, full of good hard-working people who have the ability to make this nation great?

I think it’s a half-empty/half-full concept. And I’m standing on the half-full side and voting for McCain. You have a choice to make. Get out and VOTE for it!


New song.

I finished a new song today called Alibi. The words have been on my heart for awhile now and they finally came together with the music. This song is my heart’s cry for the CHURCH to be the CHURCH and reach out to the lost. It seems like Truth is becoming more and more grey. People are coming up with all kinds of excuses as to why they don’t share their faith, why abortion is not completely wrong, etc. etc. It gets sickening. The church keeps coming up with a new alibi.

Check out the song:


I sit here, I sit here
Wondering where all of your children have gone?
I sit here, I sit here
Sitting alone, strumming along, singing this sad song

Its getting harder and harder each day
To see the light of men
Its darkening

Wake up! Wake up, oh sleeper!
The time is drawing nigh
Rise up! Rise up and greet her
The churchs alibi

Its getting harder and harder each day
To see the love of Christ
Its cold as ice

Where are your children?
Are they fighting or loving souls?
Where is the love of Christ?
Why has it grown so cold?
When will Your people rise up?
When will they testify?
Why have they been in hiding?
What is their alibi?

I sit here, I sit here
Thinking about all of the ways I have denied You
I sit here, I sit here
Looking around wondering why I cannot find You

Its getting harder and harder each day
To walk by faith not sight
Oh its such a fight